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What You Need To Know When Dating Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder

Therapy can help people with BPD learn to better process emotions and events that upset them. Partners of people with BPD can also benefit from therapy. A professional can help a partner understand how to react, understand, and be supportive. For people living with BPD, the assumption that we are “manipulative” and “dangerous” is particularly damaging, not to mention inaccurate.

Research suggests that the symptoms are most severe in adolescence and young adulthood, the period in which I find myself now. The challenge is getting through it, and many do not . Lockdown has also had a negative effect on the mental health of the country as a whole. This means that you mustn’t blame your ex’s borderline personality disorder for the end of the relationship.

How to Help a Loved One Find BPD Treatment

Yet shes talking to this asshole, and probably sending him pics. She needed space and distance, so we went from texting all the time, to texting very little. Yet shes texting these guys right in front of me.

They just move through life creating their own path and minding their own business. She learned to bury her issues in her work , attained PhD and had a great career. After a number of years of marriage, things got stressful at work and she started having anxiety about aging when she was close to 50.

Their profound mental pain is being aggravated by their lack of tools to adapt to overpowering feelings. Watching a loved one battle with profound inward distress can be agonizing. This may require you to learn how to withstand the borderline person’s disapproval. Stop waiting for the borderline person’s approval or support. Shame, on the other hand, comes from the feeling that you are a mistake, or that there is something wrong with you as a person. This leaves you feeling disempowered and prevents you from figuring out what you really feel, what you really want, and what actions could get you going in a new direction.

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I am in a relationship with a girl for about 5 months now. Initially she told me she had anxiety disorder however after 3 months into the relationship I found out that she also suffers from a chronic eating disorder and OCD. I endured the insults and took many of them in stride.

Does my ex have a borderline personality disorder?

While this may temporarily meet the needs of the partner living with BPD, ultimately, self-sabotaging may repeat in a BPD relationship cycle. In fact, many people with BPD have healthy and successful relationships. However, clinical practice and literature have acknowledged it’s a common concern for both people with BPD and their partners. Some BPD relationship cycles may take place over months or years, depending on the severity of symptoms.

BPD effects on relationships

I unravelled a year ago after dating a girl who took me home first 2 times i met her. Second time she told me that we were a perfect match and should have babies togther. First time she acknoldged me as her bf was her 35th birthday. That was 2 weeks after I met her and she tried to kiss a mutual acquaintance. She hooked up with a guy 10 yr younger soon after and is still with him. I’m a bpd woman who constantly screws up all relationships.

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