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9 Join five of the curtains together into one set and the other six into another set. 10 Make fifty loops along the edge of the end curtain in one set and also along the edge of the end curtain in the other set. 11 Then make fifty bronze clasps and put them in the loops to fasten the tent together as a unit. 12 As for the additional length of the tent curtains, the half curtain that is left over is to hang down at the rear of the tabernacle. 13 The tent curtains will be a cubit longer on both sides; what is left will hang over the sides of the tabernacle so as to cover it.

As noted, out of some 750 houses in the Baca subdivision, about 110 are currently for sale and are selling for well below market value for Colorado real estate. A local realtor tells me our ratio of 1 in 7 homes for sale is four times higher than might be expected in a healthy community . In 2013, Saguache County officials raised the taxes on about 140 properties by 1000% in just that year. Meanwhile, a local cabal relentlessly attempts to control nearly all aspects of our local politics and thwart economic growth. Are our self-appointed leaders trying to drive people out of their homes and out of our community? Are they “the city mothers” of Crestone, representatives of various intelligence agencies who are covert “handlers,” or a network of members of our community who self-identify with a particular cult or cults?.

Appendix 52: British Mind Control and Transhumanism: Cathi Morgan Interviews

Bailey’s program “The Plan” mimics the agenda of Cultural Marxism under the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory and surrounds these subversive strategies with a cosmos and a spiritual purpose. The left-wing media and the forces of progressive education have promoted a mix of these two subversive programs while hiding their origins, histories, and fallacies. The hidden master coordinating illuminized environmentalism at the UN is Maurice Strong.

The tears vanished into the cracks of the floorboards directly underneath him. Harold’s mind started to detach from the scene before him; his sight blurry from the tears and his muscles sore from the stress. The noise was unbearable now, and Harold had nothing left in him to fight it; no thought, no reason, no movement. For a moment he thought to call his landlord, but his hands shook so violently that he could barely keep the phone in his hand. Nausea enveloped his stomach, turning his thoughts into thick gruel. He thought to run outside and call for help, but the idea filled him with shame – Harold wasn’t afraid of a goddamn washing machine, even though he was, but he couldn’t show that to anyone.


It was so overwhelmingly nondescript, that Harold could barely describe it from memory, for nothing in it stood out – but it worked, which was its main attraction. So, regardless I’ve invested what I am willing to lose in the event that I am wrong. Till then I’ve got skin in the game and I am willing to fuck around and find out to see what is really going on. The two-day settlement date applies to most security transactions, including stocks, bonds, municipal securities, mutual funds traded through a brokerage firm, and limited partnerships that trade on an exchange.

So lets see FTD’s relating to volume, price and this T+2 settlement (On big volume days like we’ve seen these last 2 days)

This development is carefully described in the Koran, which explains that, though it was claimed the Kabbalah was derived originally from King Solomon, it was demons who taught such things, teaching them that which had been revealed to the angels Harut and Marut in Babylon….. Borrowing from Jewish themes, therefore, these Kabbalists would seek world domination by arguing that they were preparing the world for the coming of the Messiah, and merely aiding God in bringing about His promise to institute them as rulers of the world. Having rejected the Jewish faith, however, they did not await the real Messiah, but would seek to establish their own ruler, who they would falsely claim as messiah, who would aid them in implementing the global acceptance of their occult creed. The Plan is the organized program of the spiritual Hierarchy to get a selected portion of mankind to the “next evolutionary level”.

Over the past decade, their products were developed in their in-house labs , as they’ve aimed to keep prices affordable. If you’re just getting into korean skincare or makeup, this is a great place to start. Also, these products make for great stocking stuffers for anyone in your life. Another thing we appreciate about their products is the price point—TONYMOLY’s skincare and beauty line is easily accessible. Some customers even wrote that their products were up to par with some of the more expensive items in their collections.

I found that I got the longest wear when I used the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel as a base, as it calms and lightly hydrates your skin without leaving any residue . For others, such as Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen, the BB cream had a tendency to cake and become patchy rather quickly, even if you give it time to absorb. As you can see, I get a slight brightening effect with the 21 shade, which is exactly what I like the wear.

The Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit and the author of Agenda 21 is none other than Maurice Strong. 5) to prevent implementation of Agenda 21-style policies that would covertly depopulate rural areas by trying to educate other members of the community (, and Appendix 1 of this series). 5) Finally, I also hope that by pursuing and exposing the truth, I am doing God’s will for me and for my community. It is not easy to discern the truth in a community where so many gurus proclaim different versions of reality. 2) “Part of the indoctrination process sought for through the “Aquarian Conspiracy” was not only to degrade morals and immerse the public in numerous diversions, but also to inculcate the basic principles of the New Age cult, towards establishing a one-world-religion.

Now, before you start crushing fruits, there are some tips you must know. This blog will enable you to save time and ease your juicing process. 7 “Make curtains of goat hair for the tent over the tabernacle—eleven altogether. 8 All eleven curtains are to be the same size—thirty cubits long and four cubits wide.

At various times in my life, I have joined the search for truth via nature/academics, Christianity, Buddhism, agnosticism, existentialism, etc. Thus, both my personal and professional backgrounds have hopefully prepared me to tackle this particular topic. This research project has primarily been an intellectual exercise. My initial assumption here is that we live in an objective, understandable world in which effects can be traced to causes.

Storey’s contention that the locus of Illuminati control remains in Germany to this day may be partly due to the fact that he is an Oxford-trained Englishman whose fundamental allegiance is with England. Much research presented in this series indicates that England/Britain is the central loci of Rosicrucianism/Freemasonry, and as such, is the center of the Illuminati/United Nations/Judeo-Masonic-Occultic conspiracy. Storey’s research places the center of this conspiracy in Germany. In either event, it appears that Kabbalistic Judaism controls the principle “Black Nobility families,” secret societies, and occult movements in both Germany and Britain.