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Dell & Sonya Curry Reportedly Dating Ex-Friends Who Were Married To Each Other

But even as allegations fly during Dell and Sonya’s messy split, Sonya is already being linked to someone new. Dell is a former professional basketball player who has a net worth of $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In 1986, he was named Metro Conference Player of the Year and a Consensus second-team All-American.

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The school, which is a nonprofit organization, is committed to its pupils’ total growth. Sonya Alicia Curry , addressed professionally asSonya Curry, is an ex-renowned volleyball player and current school administrator. She participated in basketball for her school team and has won a few titles. The Curry Family is essentially the poster child for the ideal American family, so it should be no surprise thatSydel Curry‘s bio on every social media network simply says, My family is everything to me.

Sydel discovered her passion for volleyball and rose to fame in this environment. Sydel, like her mother, had started out in middle school playing basketball and volleyball and excelling at both. Stephen and Seth have made a fruitful excursion in NBA sports. Similarly, their little girl Sydel is a way of life content maker and a previous volleyball player who is hitched to NBA player Damion Lee. Early Life and Training Curry was born in 1964 and his place of birth is in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the US of America.

Dell Curry was a professional basketball player, as you may be aware. He was a member of the National Basketball Association at one time. In 2002, he retired from basketball as a member of the Charlotte Hornets. While the family’s male members were naturally gifted basketball players, her mother, Sonya Curry, had experience playing competitive sports. Her effect onSydel Curry‘s decision to switch from basketball to volleyball at such a young age may have been because she was a former volleyball player at Virginia Tech University.

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Who Is Dell Curry’s Girlfriend? Let’s Know Who the Father of Steph Curry Is Dating?

Sonya claimed that Dell cheated on her with multiple women during the marriage and Dell accused her of having an affair with Johnson. After an image started spreading on Twitter showing Steven and Nicki posing in a family photo with their children, which led to people realizing the two were once a couple. “Sonya’s new boyfriend is actually Dell’s college friend and their family is actually close family friends with the Currys,” said a source, as per The New York Post. The source further added that “they all knew each other very well.” The 58-year-old American basketball player is married to . Dell Curry remains relatively private when it comes to his love life.

While Sonya was seen with her rumored boyfriend, former NFL player Steven Johnson, Dell was spotted with his rumored new girlfriend, Nicki Smith. What’s interesting about the situation is that Steven and Nicki were formerly married to each other. This led netizens to spread the bizarre theory that Stephen’s parents were indulging in a partner swap. Stephen Curry’s parents, Dell and Sonya, showed up at the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics with their alleged new partners.

… He is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry and the younger brother of NBA player Stephen Curry. She and former NBA player Dell Curry are the delighted parents of Stephen Curry and Seth Curry, two NBA players. Sydel Curry,Sonya Curry‘s daughter, plays volleyball at the state level.

But Steph’s dad did them one better, only a few people caught the truth at the beginning. This scandal will go on for weeks as the Western world is not really used to these “spouse swapping traditions”. Since 2009, BroBible has been the ultimate lifestyle destination for millennial men. We cover the topics that are of interest to modern, millennial men. This includes sports and culture news, gear, and high tech. She said Dell committed “illicit sexual misconduct” with different women during their marriage and that infidelity was known to the family and to close friends of the parties, according to the divorce records.

She raised us on faith and to be grateful for everything,” he told The Undefeated. Dell Curry Net WorthDell Curry was a successful NBA player. After his retirement from basketball as a player, he severed as a coach for NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats.