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25 Trending Remote Work Statistics 2023 : Facts, Trends, And Projections

As a result of this new data, the company has now told 64 per cent of employees – 35,000 out of a total of 55,000 – that they will be able to work from home for the majority of the time.” Lucy Gase, senior vice president of administrative services and strategic support services…said about 25% were working remotely prior to the pandemic.” “I am confident that the sale of the Spring District campus would have a positive impact on REI’s future—and yours,” REI President and CEO Eric Artz told employees in a video call. Our home is wherever we find ourselves doing our best work, pursuing our outdoor passions, serving our communities. “The aim is to enable employees worldwide to work on a mobile basis for an average of two or three days a week, whenever reasonable and feasible,” Siemens said in a statement.

companies going full remote forever

This particularly explains why the booming interest in remote work now is such a new phenomenon. There are expected to be 36.2 million American employees working remotely by 2025. The above-mentioned challenges can be addressed with the help of technology, clear communication, and good time management. When you can’t physically see your employees, it can be harder to tell if they’re working or if they’re slacking off.


The insurance giant announced in April that it would be closing many of its smaller offices across the country, allowing many employees to work from home permanently. Nationwide will continue to operate four corporate offices in central Ohio; Des Moines, Iowa; Scottsdale, Arizona; and San Antonio, Texas.

companies going full remote forever

“A more distributed workforce will give us the opportunity to hire people from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.” “We will seek out amazing, diverse talent unbounded by the physical footprint of our offices.

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In June, Mark Zuckerberg announced on a Facebook livestream that as many as 50% of Facebook employees could be permanently working remotely in the next five to ten years. Based on the vocalized desire of his employees and to have a “more broad-based economic prosperity”, Zuckerberg decided an indefinite extension of Facebook’s remote work policy was a worthwhile change. Though the Australian software company won’t be closing its offices, in an internal blog post published in August, the company told employees they could work from home forever, CNBC reported. Instead of measuring how long staffers work, Atlassian will reportedly measure what companies are going remote permanently outcomes, though few details were provided. The updated policy, offering the flexibility to work remotely full-time or work at an office part-time, will apply to LinkedIn’s global workforce of more than 16,000 employees.” “Its chief executive, Jon Lewis, said the company was moving towards a hybrid work model, with internal discussions with employees showing that 72 per cent of staff would prefer to work up to three days a week from home. “As we analyze how our workplace will change in a post-COVID world, we are specifically rethinking where future employees could be based,” Pinterest CFO Todd Morgenfeld said in a statement Friday.

  • “Meesho, an e-commerce firm backed by SoftBank and Facebook, on Monday said it will permanently allow its employees to work from home, office, or any location of their choice.”
  • Stephen Griggs, Deloitte U.K.’s managing partner, told ABC News in a statement.
  • One of these changes includes switching to a remote work-from-home policy.
  • Did you know that global cyberattacks have increased upto 32% year over year and enterprises now deploy 75+ cybersecurity related tools on their networks just to keep pace with the increasing complexity and frequency of attacks.
  • Finally, another solution to the challenges of remote working is time management.
  • 81% of workers expect their employer to continue supporting remote work.

Siemens announced a simple remote work policy for more than 100,000 employees. Instead of emphasizing the number of hours employees must spend in the office, the company shifted its focus to the results employees produce. The international consulting firm features more than 80 American offices, but allows workers to choose between in-office or home office setups. Remote work depends on managerial arrangements and could involve a hybrid arrangement. If you’d like to learn how to implement a time management toolkit for your team, we also offer solutions for teams.