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I suggest you start your own thread – this one will be locked for being bumped after it’s been inactive for over 3 years. As a guilty guy, I can say that I fell into compulsive behavior a lot like your husbands. It is a lot like an addiction, because the high you get is a sort of stress relief. The pattern can certainly be broken…you’ll just have to make it clear to him that it has to stop.

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Do you need a listening husband or a shoulder to find on? While there may have been no actual in-person contact between him and one of the ladies of the site, it does show you where his head is at. He is contemplating cheating on you or at least being with another woman. Yet we had a whole life before our relationship, and we may have suffered some self-esteem knocks in that time.

It is the end result of months or years of bickering, lack of respect, and harmful underlying dynamics. If you fix the real issues, your marriage will heal very quickly and he will come back to his senses and his wife. We have seen this happen time and time again over decades and it will likely happen for you too if you take my message to heart and adhere to it.

We were eating sandwiches in a restaurant very near where we had first met. I could see a flicker of disappointment, but he said he understood. I invited him over for dinner, and he helped me cook one of those meals where the recipes are delivered by box and contain exotic-sounding ingredients. Steve politely ate the meal, something with chicken and couscous, nodding and saying, “Not bad.” Later, I learned that he prefers a basic diet, and separates his vegetables from the meat. I had heard horror stories about meeting someone online.

I’m sad that I’m due soon and that he’s not savoring these last few days of me being pregnant like in-love couples dreamingly would. Pay for seven years older woman and we’ve been disturbing me, you already dating sites like my husband is suspicion, at his search because. How women online dating profile listed. Your partner he didn’t leave the online sites.

There is nothing illegal or wrong about dating while married and waiting for your divorce as long as you are living separate and apart. Many people choose to start dating again at some point during their separation and before the final divorce decree is entered. While you can date, I must add some precautions. The first time he met my kids and best friend was the day I had to euthanize our family dog, Butters, a much-beloved, 130-pound yellow Lab. My boys live about 40 miles away, and the dog would not come out from under a bush, so I called Steve.

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18 years together with two beautiful children, a lovely home and committment and now I feel everything is a lie. We know that there is nothing we can do to control another person’s choices; we can only be responsible for ourselves and our own healthy choices. If your husband refuses to take responsibility for himself, well, that is his choice. In no way does that stop you from making your own choices.

I had another 4 year fairytrail right after that. He became extremely abusive, then I came home unexpected and found three purses on our bed . There was perfume on the counter in my bathroom.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s not personal, just business”? Cheating men have an inkling to dump their loads into something proverbially “young and beautiful” instead of “paying” their housewives for an image. But these men don’t want to divorce, risk it all-including a family structure, and have the wife get half of everything.

So it’s really, really important that you get help just for YOU. Find a personal counselor who can help you process your emotions, and who can give you support as you decide what healthy boundaries will look like for you. Find a group like Celebrate Recovery, S Anon, or online at xxxChurch so you can talk with others who are working through similar issues.

I had been living with my boyfriend for Ten years. The first year he lied about being engaged to a woman in Australia. Two month ago he starts acting strange. He takes a weekend fishing trip that happens to not have cell service.